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The vibration analysis is a very efficient facility to evaluate the actual state of engines.The status of the bearings as well as the general machine condition (unbalance, alignment or assembly errors) are checked and documented by means of realized measurements, their interpretation and the appropriate know-how.

A professional experience of 30
years makes it possible to find solutions for specific fan problems


Unbalances on impellers or rotors produce vibrations and centrifugal forces which lead to defects on bearings, consoles or even the rotary components. An exact determination of the unbalances’ position and size makes it possible for us to correct harmful attacks rapidly.

Therefore the mobile single-level balancing (statical unbalance) as well as the two-level balancing (dynamic unbalance) on location are in great demand.

Laser Optical Alignment

One of the main reasons for premature breakdowns of coupling and belt drives is an insufficient alignment.  Because of increasing speed and close manufacturing tolerance a better alignment of the shafts is essential.
This cannot be achieved by using traditional methods.

To prevent increased vibration and wear, we offer services of the latest measurement technology.

High accuracy of alignment = long availability!

Maintenance - Inspection

A high reliability as well as a high availability of a plant are primarily dependent on its accurate inspection and
maintenance. In this way – which is effected by a qualified expert – slight damages can be discovered on time and repaired according to its urgency. Because – THERE IS NO EVER-RUNNING BEARING AND NO EVERLASTING-PURE FILTER!

Therefore it is very important for us to hold these services dear and offer you multifunctional service from one source.


The replacement of the bearing is a critical phase in the life cycle of a bearing. The operation period of abearing is seriously reduced by inappropriate assembly and use of improper tools and mounting parts. Critical installation procedures – like the installation of a new bearing into a fan without dismantling the impeller – require special knowledge of how to set up the necessary bearing play.
A big advantage for our customers is that after preceding measurement services we can also effect the repairing without having to require an additional expert. A test chart records the closing test run together with the necessary measurements.

Wear Engineering

High wear damage to impellers results from higher fan speed and increased addition of recycling and high
abrasive material in manufacturing. The subsequent, cost-intensive repair of the impeller (demounting, repair and installation of the impeller) can be carried out mainly with our “on location service”. In case the impeller is installed, we can perform the repair
by means of our special equipment. Therefore the costs of repair can be reduced enormously.

The unbalance of the impeller, which emerges from welding, is finally corrected by balancing according

24 hours service | Hotline +43 (0)664 9139005

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