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Services | general overview

Measurement services

> Vibration measurement with frequency analysis
> Envelope analysis or shock pulse measurement for bearing diagnostics
> Tracking analysis for the detection of natural resonances
> Condition-oriented maintenance (cyclic trend measurement)
> Sound measurement
> Air measurement to determine the current fan, filter or suction power
> Checking the system by means of thermography


> Balancing wheels
> Balancing of rotors and drive shafts
> Single level balancing – static unbalance
> Two-level balancing – dynamic unbalance
> Mobile balancing
> Balancing protocol

Laser optical alignment

> Alignment of machine shafts
> Latest measurement technology
> Tolerances of the machine u. Meet and record the coupling manufacturer
> High alignment accuracy


> Testing the system for functional defects
> Metrological test of the system (vibration, bearing, differential pressure, etc.)
> Function test of the monitoring, protection and safety devices
> Visual inspection of the system for wear, leaks and damage
> Functional test of the electrical control
> Color penetration test on the impeller (FE-Test)
> Lubrication, Greasing & Lubrication oil change
> Filter or hose change
> Maintenance of recooling systems


> Fan bearing change on site
> Engine bearing change on site
> Repair of the impeller on site (see wear technology)
> Impeller, wing or drive shaft replacement
> Replacement of fan or filter spare parts
> Repair of recooling systems

Wearing parts technology & assembly

> Impeller repairs, removal and installation Impeller
> on-site service
> Balancing according to ISO NORM
> Professional installation
> Schedule and professional installation
> Competent partner companies

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